Eyelashes & Mascara: A Bat of the Lash...

Posted on March 03, 2014 | Posted under Eyelashes & Mascara

When a woman finds a mascara that she loves, it becomes one of the most important parts of her makeup tools. Mascara is one of the first makeup items that a young lady will experiment with. When a woman finally finds that one mascara, “the love of her lash” she is likely never to part with it.

But, pay attention to this, there’s a new technology in town, and it is totally tubular and gaining in popularity.  Not all mascaras are created equal, and there are only a few cosmetic companies to claim that they are going tubular. Like little silk stockings that hug your legs, tube technology in mascara wraps snuggly around your eyelashes; the benefits are sensational and worth checking out.
The Benefits of Tube Technology

These types of mascaras dramatically increase plumpness and will not fade off, smudge off, or dry underneath the lower lash line creating “raccoon eyes” or a very tired look. They last all day long without growing brittle, giving length, volume and lash separation. Best of all, they can be washed off with a gentle cleanser or makeup remover and tepid water, using a gentle massage with the fingertips. The technology of these little tubes allows them to glide right off like a little silk stocking. The formula is water soluble, but normal sweat and tears will not disturb it. For first time users, remember not to worry when you discover what appear to be little black or brown lashes washing away, it is the tube technology—not your eyelashes.
What is Tube Technology?

"Instead of traditional oils and waxes used in mascara, tube technology formulas use a flexible polymer that is an excellent film former,” says cosmetic consultant and chemist Nick Morante. Tube Technology allows the polymer lacquer to shrink-wrap around each lash, giving 360-degree coverage. The more it is brushed on, the more it builds up and out—similar to the process of an icicle adding volume and length—to even the shortest of lashes.

Tips For a Great Lash Look
Priming the lash with a lash primer is gaining popularity, Though it requires one more step, lash primers truly make all the difference in the lash look. Using a lash primer gives the lash a more responsive texture and larger surface for the mascara to build upon. Like insurance for your lashes, primers act as a conditioning base coat, strengthen your lash as a protective barrier, and create a perfect stage for mascara application.

Colors of Mascara
Black is most dramatic, and is used the most.  Black/brown can be used as a more casual look during the day.  Brown can vary in color hues and is truly the best for a natural look.  Strawberry blondes generally have a lighter lash color and look best in brown hues.  Though there are other colors of mascara—violets and blues—steer clear of these and stick to the basics: black, black/brown, and brown.

Companies that carry Tube Technology:


Once you’ve experienced the benefits of tube technology’s lash enhancing beauty, you’ll have a new “love of your lash” and never go back.

Margie Carr is a California State Board Licensed Clinical Esthetician and owner of Reflections Skin Oasis.