About Us

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Margie started Reflections Skin Oasis in 1995 when she was six months pregnant with her second child, Sophie. She quickly outgrew her humble beginning in a single room above a salon, and moved to her present location at 138 Colfax Avenue in Grass Valley.  It is there that she created her “Oasis” amidst a bustling downtown.

The slogan of Reflections Skin Oasis—“a calming destination for people who love their skin”—really encapsulates what it is like to experience the salon.  The “calming” begins with walking from the parking lot through her garden with its carpet roses and Italian waterfountain.  Walking in the door and leaving the noisy streets behind, you have arrived at your “destination”—The Oasis.  You are enveloped in a rich atmosphere of soothing music, cherry wood cabinetry, framed artwork, fine oriental rugs, and more fountains.

Margie and her staff cater to “people who love their skin”.  Though Margie’s experience and emphasis is clinical and scientific treatment for healthy, beautiful skin--pampering and luxury are the standard at R.S.O. A wide variety of spa facials, massages, and other services are offered. Products range from an aromatic local company to the finest, most technologically advanced skin care company from Europe.  Free makeovers by appointment are a specialty.

           Owner Margie Carr             California State Board Licensed Esthetician