"DEstress" Eye Treatment

45 minutes, $50

"Our eyes are the window to our souls," and our skin around our eye tissue is extremely thin in comparison to the rest of our face. This is why our eyes are the first to show signs of fatigue and environmental stress.

Give your eye tissue the rest it deserves with our signature service.

A deep but very gentle cleanse, a soft exfoliation to remove cellular build-up around the crow's feet area, a cooling compress to regulate the skin's pH, and begin the relaxation of these tissues. Then lymphatic drainage massage is performed around this delicate tissue to:

  • Decongest Puffiness

  • Normalize Dark
  • Tissues
Reduce Wrinkles

A customized serum is formulated specially for your eye needs, then a firming mask followed by a soothing collagen eye blanket.

It's magic! You will love your New Look. We will consult you on a home care procedure to follow to maintain your relaxed look.

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